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George of the Jungle: new updates!

Owie Owie is out! You can get it for free right now on Android and iOS. You can also check out our launch trailer: We’ve also received a few mentions around the web, like in Android Community and on Toronto Game Devs. Owie Owie has also made the rounds on mobile gaming YouTube, which is pretty cool. The reviews are in: we’re sitting at a cool 5 stars on Android and we’re all positive on iOS. None of us are surprised, because we know the game is perfect. 😉 Seriously though, thanks to everyone for their feedback! We’ve also pushed out two updates since launch to address some of the what we’ve been hearing. Let’s take a “behind the scenes” … Read More

Game Proposal – George of the Jungle: Owie Owie

We’re over the moon to be able to work on a brand as big as George of the Jungle. About a year ago, our good friends over at Yowza asked us to work with Teletoon and create a great George game to coincide with a new run of the TV show. After several meetings and a lot of work, we pulled together a pitch and sent it along to the folks at Teletoon. With the broadcaster’s seal of approval, we submitted our application to the Shaw Rocket Fund (one of the agencies that funds TV-related digital media here in Canada) and they loved it too. We thought it might be helpful to show folks a bit of the thought behind … Read More

About Freaktown Defenders

Our good friends over at Portfolio Entertainment asked us if we could come up with a game that would match the very specific style of their new show, Freaktown. We conked our heads together and managed to come up with a concept that we think captures the show’s, uhh, style in a game with unique mechanics. Freaktown Defenders is a great example of how we approach a brand. It’s easy to churn out digital media by following a formula and adapting it for each project, but that’s not how we work. We take each opportunity to do something unique, and Freaktown is no exception. The show is not shy when it comes to being gross. At the very least, we … Read More