George of the Jungle: new updates!

Owie Owie is out! You can get it for free right now on Android and iOS. You can also check out our launch trailer: We’ve also received a few mentions around the web, like in Android Community and on Toronto Game Devs. Owie Owie has also made the rounds on mobile gaming YouTube, which is pretty cool. The reviews are in: we’re sitting at a cool 5 stars on Android and we’re all positive on iOS. None of us are surprised, because we know the game is perfect. 😉 Seriously though, thanks to everyone for their feedback! We’ve also pushed out two updates since launch to address some of the what we’ve been hearing. Let’s take a “behind the scenes” … Read More

Game Proposal – George of the Jungle: Owie Owie

We’re over the moon to be able to work on a brand as big as George of the Jungle. About a year ago, our good friends over at Yowza asked us to work with Teletoon and create a great George game to coincide with a new run of the TV show. After several meetings and a lot of work, we pulled together a pitch and sent it along to the folks at Teletoon. With the broadcaster’s seal of approval, we submitted our application to the Shaw Rocket Fund (one of the agencies that funds TV-related digital media here in Canada) and they loved it too. We thought it might be helpful to show folks a bit of the thought behind … Read More

About Freaktown Defenders

Our good friends over at Portfolio Entertainment asked us if we could come up with a game that would match the very specific style of their new show, Freaktown. We conked our heads together and managed to come up with a concept that we think captures the show’s, uhh, style in a game with unique mechanics. Freaktown Defenders is a great example of how we approach a brand. It’s easy to churn out digital media by following a formula and adapting it for each project, but that’s not how we work. We take each opportunity to do something unique, and Freaktown is no exception. The show is not shy when it comes to being gross. At the very least, we … Read More

About Chirp

As a Canadian, I grew up with Chirp, Chickadee and Owl magazines, so I was tremendously excited when our friends at CBC and Switch asked us to come on board to build a digital media component to coincide with a Chirp TV show. Over the next 2 years, we worked with the great folks at CBC to build our studio’s first pure HTML5 game. We are incredibly proud of what turned out to be a collection of nine Chirp-themed preschool games. Check them out online here, and we’re in the process of app-ifying them for iOS and Android. Our driving vision for Chirp was to let kids play with the show’s core characters as if they were friends in the … Read More

Who is Moonray Studios?

We’re a brave little studio. We believe that good work comes from multiple disciplines striving towards a common vision. Our core team is made up of talented individuals that have come together to collaborate on various projects over the past 10 years. They include Founder Dan Clark alongside Ilona, Nick, Fernando, Rory, Jeff, Abhi, Mike, Scott and Ariane. Supplementing our team are highly skilled professionals like journalist Wayne MacPhail and the Innovation Factory’s David Carter. Always experiment We think our longevity is thanks to our willingness to find new ways to create compelling experiences. Every brand is different and we bend and craft new technology to suit the unique aspects of each project. We’re excited by new tools and are always looking for opportunities to … Read More

We have a TV show. Can you fund and build our site/game?

We know that production companies don’t always have an internal digital media division. We also know that a quality digital media component is a key part of the launch of a show. That’s where we come in. We’ll work with you and your broadcaster to not only fund, but design and build a digital experience that ties right into the brand. You worry about your TV show, we’ll worry about the new media product. But we don’t do it alone! A huge shoutout to the agencies we’ve worked with over the last 10 years. Through delivering quality work over more than 10 years, we’ve developed rock solid relationships with the CMF, OMDC, IDMF, the Rocket Fund and Bell Fund. These … Read More

About Apptui

The watch, listen and play remote. Platform Apptui has evolved as a platform to control content. From controlling apps like XBMC and Plex; to sites like Spotify, 8tracks, and Netflix; to digital signage and event-based kiosks, the Apptui platform has countless possibilities. CBC Arcade As a contained experience built for CBC, Apptui powered a suite of arcade games playable by anyone with a touchscreen phone. Pair to a public screen and start playing! CBC Popwords A multiplayer game designed for public spaces and events. Four iPads running Apptui connected to a big-screen TV powered by a computer allowing real-time, separate-controller multiplayer action. Fly your spaceship to free letters trapped in bubbles and spell the words. E One An Apptui-powered kiosk … Read More